Wright Honda of Uniontown of Uniontown Community Request Donation Guidelines

Since 1928 Wright Automotive has been serving the communities they do business with. The group has done its part where possible to give back and will continue to do this. We want to attract, satisfy and retain the best employees helping us build a strong customer base in Uniontown. This is home for Wright Honda of Uniontown since November 2018. We will take a year to grow our business and then consider looking at causes to get involved with.

We have developed this application to help us stay organized and learn more about the needs here in Uniontown. We will keep a file and then consider investing in specific areas that fit our mission in January 2021.

The groups we will consider investing in will be in Uniontown and or a 15 mile radius. We will provide service gift cards for auctions at a $50 increment , provide car and driver for parades, sponsorships up to $200 and participating with internship programs.

We will not consider donation requests for employee recognitions or company parties, pageants or fashion shows, political organizations, travel expenses for education, conferences or activities like these.

We will consider partnering in January 2021 with nonprofits that are on a national level that have a reputation of low executive compensation that have local events here in Uniontown, law and ems, military or veteran groups, school PTA activities and Rotary

In one year we will have our feet on the ground and know who in the community is supporting our location and we will look to do the same. We want a strong community and residents and businesses to work together.

Submission of this application is required to be considered but is not a guarantee it will be in budget January 2021.

We will follow up if this event fits our requirements, guidelines or if we need more information. You will be notified if we have been able to fit this into our budget.